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Faces Of Flex
Coldfusion with Flex tutorials
1st Flex Community Pulse survey results

International Registry Of Adobe Flex Coders
Connection Timeout Have Registered. Have You?

What Is Flex? (10)
Join the Flex Revolution
An intro article about getting started...
Answering tough questions about enterprise development
For the Java programmer
Getting Started with Adobe Flex 2
An Intro for Coldfusion and other Web Developers
Building RIA's with Flex 2
The history, and overview of using Flex
Flex 2 Overview
For Flash Folk

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Flex VS RIA Technologies (27)
Quick Flex vs. Silverlight 3 recap
...there's an akward similarity between Silverlight 3 and Flash 8/9/10
Microsoft Silverlight 3 challenges Adobe Flex/AIR
Redmond's much-enhanced rich Internet application platform also runs on Windows or Mac desktops, online or offline
Adobe: Microsoft's Silverlight 'has really fizzled'
CFO Mark Garrett spoke of the challenges ahead
Silverlight is FIZZING, Not Fizzling and web sites are starting to use the new capabilities...
Thoughts on OneClick/Silverlight vs Flex/AIR
will soon be simply down to a decision on what software engineer skillset your company currently has...

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Welcome to CFLEX

Welcome to CFLEX (Community Adobe Flex). This site is dedicated to the RIA Technology known as Adobe Flex. The goal of the site is to aggregate tips, lessons, news, and articles from around the net. Contributors are welcome! All you need to do is to do is Create an account.
Flex Tips and How-To's Flex in the Media/News Flex Job Postings

In the News... (624)
28JUN11 - Amethyst 1.5 Flex IDE in Visual Studio
24MAY11 - Adobe integrates SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Flash Builder 4.5
24MAY11 - StoneRiver, Inc. Announces Continuous Growth in LifeSuite with RIA
24MAY11 - SmartBear Software Delivers Industry’s First Automated Testing Support for Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
08NOV10 - OrchestraDesigner(A Collaborative Modeling Tools) 3.2 Released

Job Postings (0)

Code Library (96)
Decision Matrix Tool w/source

Flex Apps On The Net (82)
Puzzles and Games
Club/Techno Music Store
Sprout Builder
Build creative sites, widgets, etc...
Interactive online conference catalog and session scheduler
Personal Time Tracking

Tools (73)
Smart Bear
Test Automation
Gesture framework for Flex and Flash
ELIPS Studio 3 for Adobe Flex Builder
mobile application development environments
Flex Cover
A Code Coverage Analyzer
ELIPS Studio
Mobile Application Development in Flex Builder
Flex PMD
Code Auditing Tool
Open Source Unit Test Automation
Open Source Data Visualization Components
FusionCharts for Flex
Create interactive breath-taking charts
Flex Compiler Shell
Speed up compiling vs. using mxmlc

Beginner's Tips (247)
Flex 4 Component Life Cycle
First Experiences with the Adobe Data Model – HelloWorld
First Experiences with the Adobe Data Model – Setup
AutoClose PopUp With Default Selection
Working with ItemEditors Part 3
Working with ItemEditors Part 2
Working with ItemEditors Part 1
How to use the AS3 Bulkloader
In-depth article on Adobe Flex Debugging and Testing
In-depth article on Layout and Containers w/Adobe Flex
Java EE and Flex
Iterating over a ColdFusion Query in Flex
Cannot change Output Folder in Flex Builder
Adding a link/URL in a datagrid column
Create XML From String
...232 more

Intermediate Tips (183)
Updating Deployed Flex Applications
Data-centric Adobe Flash Builder development with the Zend Framework
Progressively Downloaded Video Player
Working with Querystrings
Deploying patches in your Flex application
ComboBox itemRenderer with row-level list options
Debugging Both Flex and Tomcat Java Programs in Eclipse
How can we use weather forecasts into the Flex
Applying the Mediator design pattern in Flex
Dynamic Abstraction Or Randomly Generated Art
Flex 3 Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas
Conditional Item Editing Example
Communicate with App loaded by SWFLoader
Adding and Hiding GridRow's
Preventing enter or tab from moving onto the next cell

...168 more

Advanced Tips (119)
OrchestraDesigner:We need your suggestion
Best Practices: Cooking CRUD with Flex and BlazeDS
Creating a Multi User Flex Application Using JMS
Flex Best practices. Sketch 1: An application with a single Event class
Connecting Flex to Microsoft Analysis Services
Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 4
Learning Cairngorm (Part 5)
Learning Cairngorm (Part 3)
Learning Cairngorm (Part 4)
Learning Cairngorm (Part 2)
How do you learn Cairngorm? (Part 1)
Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 3
Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 2
Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 1
FleXtense Crud Example (Flex + .Net + Database)

...104 more

Flex Frameworks
MVC & IOC Frameworks:
Spring ActionScript
SpiceFactory Parsley
Flight Framework
Flite Framework

Integration Frameworks:
X2O Framework
ActionScript Foundry (Flex + Java)
Anvil (Flex + Java)
Clear - (Flex + Java)
Jspresso - (Flex + Java)

Mocking Frameworks (component simulation):

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