Jul 14, 2006 - The Faces of Flex
Putting the names to the friendly faces of the community. Posted by Tariq Ahmed

You see the names almost daily; from blog postings to emails in the forums. I thought it would be fun to put some faces to these names. This is only a small sampling of the many heros of the community, many of the Adobe crew were on vacation so I got what I could and hope to add more 'brand names' of the Community as time goes on. The following is in no particular order...enjoy!!

Craig Goodman Executive Editor - Adobe Developer Center
Steven Webster Practice Director for RIAs @ Adobe. Former technical director at iteration::two, co-creator of the Cairngorm framework, and co-author of Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex
Colin Moock World famous, second to none, Actionscript super guru. Author of Essential ActionScript
Ely Greenfield Architect on the Flex Engineering team
Christophe Coenraets RIA Evangelist @ Adobe
Michael Labriola Partner/Sr Consultant at Digital Primates. He has been working with Flex since the earliest Flex 1 alpha. Mike is also a co-author and technical editor of the upcoming "Flex 2 Training from the Source" book.
Roger Gonzalez Principal Engineer - Flex Compiler Team
James Ward Flex Evangelist @ Adobe
Rich Tretola S/W Engineer, Flex Derby Winner, and the name behind EverythingFlex.com.
Tariq Ahmed Manager of Product Development @ Amcom Computer Services. Championed Flex and RIA's for internal enterprise applications at eBay, and specializes in leveraging technology combined with process engineering to reduce operating costs while maximizing revenue potential. Your friendly neighborhood host of CFLEX.Net, FlexCoders.net, and Dopejam.com
Emmy Huang Sr Product Manager for Flash @ Adobe
Mike Chambers Product Manager, Flash Developer Relations @ Adobe
Phil Heinz Indepdent S/W Engineer. Manager of the online Flash Users Group
Jason Szeto S/W Engineer for the Flex Framework team
Scott Barnes S/W Engineer @ OmniEffect, Flex community activist, and name behind MossyBlog.com
Kevin Lynch EVP and Chief S/W Architect @ Adobe
David Mendels EVP and General Manager of MX Products @ Adobe
Jesse Randall Warden A.k.a JesterXL - Specializing in Flex & Flash Development. He has spoken at many venues including MXDU 2003, 2005, multiple Atlanta Macromedia User Groups, and other venues about various Macromedia/Adobe products and technologies. Jesse runs a blog at jessewarden.com where he contributes Flash, Flex, & ActionScript techniques, plugins, and sample projects to the community. Jesse enjoys coding, hanging out with designers, watching the History Channel, raving at da clubz, D&D, and playing games (all consoles, all PC genres). Will code for beer.
Eric Anderson Product Manager for Flex Data Services
Narciso Jaramillo Product Designer for Flex Builder 2
Tom Jordahl Principal Architect for Coldfusion @ Adobe
Manish Jethani Flex Framework hacker at Adobe.
Jeff Tapper Chief Technologist for Tapper.net Consulting. He has been developing Internet based applications since 1995, for a myriad of clients including Harley Davidson, Toys R Us, IBM, Dow Jones, American Express, Morgan Stanley, and many others. As an Instructor, he is certified to teach all of Adobe's courses on Flex, ColdFusion and Flash development. He has been working with Flex since the earliest alpha's of Flex 1. Jeff has worked as author and technical editor for several books including "Object Oriented Programming with ActionScript 2.0", and the upcoming "Flex 2 Training from the Source". He is a frequent speaker at Conferences and user groups. Jeff formed Tapper.net Consulting to focus on developing Rich Internet Applications and empowering clients through mentoring
Dave Wolf Vice president of consulting at Cynergy Systems, Inc. He has held senior technology management roles at Fortune 500 companies including Sybase and Microsoft. He now oversees Cynergy's consulting operations worldwide.
Mike Potter Web / Open Source Evangelist for the Developer Relations team at Adobe.
Stacy Young Throughout his 11 years in the IT industry thus far, Stacy has been honing his skills in Coldfusion, Flex, Flash and Java development. Based in Ottawa, Canada, he is currently employed at Optimal Payments, a NASDAQ-listed company (OPMR) with over $7.5 billion in worldwide processing annually.
Matt Chotin Product Manager of the Flex team @ Adobe. You'll find Matt supporting the entire community on FlexCoders, while at the same time maintaining a demanding full time job. Current theories of how this is possible include: Time Travel, Ability to control time, Matt has a few clones of himself.
Matt Horn Documenting Allaire/Macromedia/Adobe server products for 7 years.
Phil Costa Based in Boston (Go Sox!), Phil is the Group Product Manager for Flex, having come to Adobe via Macromedia and Allaire. When he's not working, he likes to play games with his two boys, read novels, and play fetch with his new dog, Daisy. Phil is an alumni of Swarthmore College and Boston University.
Ted Patrick Technical Evangelist @ Adobe. Formerly the founder and principal developer at PowerSDK Software Corp.
Dimitrios Gianninas Flex/Java developer from Montreal, loves Pink Floyd, pasta and the color blue.
Ben Forta Everyone knows Ben! Coldfusion Evangelist @ Adobe, Ben's been opening the eyes of Coldfusion folks to the benefits of Flex.
Ryan Stewart Mr Power-Blogger! Ryan runs two popular blogs, including his own personal Digital Backcountry blog, to the more formal ZDNET based - Universal Desktop blog. Ryan provides the industry and business perspective on RIAs.
Jeremy Lu A popular name in the FlexCoders forum; Jeremy is an RIA Instructor and Developer and has been using Flex since Oct 2005. Highly specialized in custom component design and development, enjoyed hacking the Flex 2 framework to achieve those deemed hard or impossible. Author of TreeGrid and ResizePanel, all these components can be seen in action in his latest sample project : Rianote.
Tom Chiverton Tom has been active in the Web and ColdFusion world for many years (since the time before objects and XML) and is now a successful Flex 2 developer with a strong focus on frameworks and ColdFusion CFC back ends. When not doing his day job or posting on flexcoders and cf-talk, he can be found cycling, composing or contributing to various Linux and open source projects.
Sho Kuwamoto You got to know Sho! He's one of the main guys (Sr. Director of Engineering) on the Flex Builder engineering team @ Adobe.
Abdul Qabiz Formerly part of the Flex QA Team at Macromedia, Abdul is all about RIA's.
Jon Hirschi Sr Web Engineer at eBay Inc and owner of Wokits, the kids online store Jon has authored for CFDJ, and pioneered mission critical Flex Apps at eBay.
Dirk Eismann Software engineer at Herrlich & Ramuschkat and co-founder of richinternet.blog. When he's not coding Flex (which rarely happens) he loves cooking for his family or takes a ride with his bicycle.
Brendan Meutzner Brendan hails from Western Canada has been developing in ColdFusion and Flash since 2002 and stumbled into Flex back in the Spring of 2004.

He currently works at CNET Networks as an RIA engineer, but has previously provided RIA services for clients such as BestBuy, Nationwide Insurance, and Telvent Abengoa. His 'badly in need of an update' website is visualconcepts.ca.

Tim Hoff Consultant at Cynergy Systems Inc. A heavy Flex community activist with frequent posts on FlexCoders.org and CFLEX.Net.
Clint Modien Co-Founder and Technical Architect for Esria Inc. an RIA solutions provider specializing in Adobe Flex based out of San Jose, CA.
Faisal Abid Founder and Owner of G-uniX Technologies, an RIA software developemnt consulting team. Based out of Toronto, Canada.
Marco Casario Marco is a well known power-blogger in Adobe/Macromedia world who keeps the community up to date. Unlike many bloggers who are very focused on a particular technology, Marco strives to deliver the latest news, best practices, and tips across many of Adobe's platforms - predominantely Flex, Flash, and Flash Mobile. You'll also find him frequently presenting at seminars. Based out of Italy, Marco is the founder of ComCaste - a Web 2.0 focused firm innovating on accessibility and usabilty.
Renaun Erickson Renaun Erickson is a RIA developer specializing in Flex, ColdFusion and PHP. He likes to create custom Flex components and push the envelope, for example creating a Flex Barcode Reader. He is active in the community through his blog, as well as the local Las Vegas Adobe User Group.