What Is CFLEX?

Community Adobe Flex or CFlex for short is a community driven website where users can contribute nuggets of knowledge, share ideas, exchange code, and trade tips. We don't care where that tip is, so if you don't have your own blog site and would like to have it hosted on CFLEX, or if you have your own site with a great tutorial on something, either way we want to aggregate all that knowledge by either hosting it or linking to it.

The success of Adobe Flex is dependent on the strength of the community. There is no greater source of information than your fellow developer; by providing resources for coders to diseminate knowledge the Adobe Flex community will thrive. It's about achieving that critical mass, and we're here to aid in that cause.

Creating An Account

To post content you need to create an account. To do this is simple; click on the login button on the top title bar. On that screen you'll see a link to create a new account. After clicking on that link and filling out the details you'll receive an email to verify the account.

Once your account is verified we'll then grant you access to post.

Posting Content

  • STEP 1: To add content is quite simple. First login by clicking on the Login button:

  • STEP 2: Then proceed to enter in your username and password. If you don't have a login, click on the Create a new account first.

  • STEP 3: Once logged in, you'll see an add icon located on the top right of any component that you have access to add content to. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the Add content form.

  • STEP 4: You're almost done! Just fill out the form with all the details. You have the option of either hosting the Content on CFLEX by entering all the content into the editor; or if you set the "Is this a Link" to Yes, and provide a URL - the page will be redirected to that URL (eg if you want to link to an informative blog posting).

  • STEP 5: Just hit the submit button at the bottom and you're good to go!

    Editing Something

    To edit your content is fairly similar to adding content. Instead navigate to your posting, if you're logged in you'll see an edit icon. All you need to do is click on that icon and you'll be brought to the Edit Form. Make any appropriate changes and hit submit.