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    Howdy. I'm your friendly host of CFLEX. My goal is to enable and support the community the best I can by providing a useful resource for helping new users get ramped up quickly, and by assting seasoned pros with a quick reference. CFLEX is a labor of love, and I'm driven by the passion to see Adobe Flex succeed.
    Recent Postings
    25-FEB-09 AutoClose PopUp With Default Selection
    Pop-Up Window with a countdown timer
    12-JUN-08 Iterating over a ColdFusion Query in Flex
    Instead of using Binding - you want to access each element individually
    11-JUN-08 Cannot change Output Folder in Flex Builder
    Main application must be in the list of application paths
    04-JUN-08 Adding a link/URL in a datagrid column
    How do you make a clickable link in a cell so that it loads up a URL
    11-OCT-07 Have you checked out the lockedColumnCount feature?
    A nifty little property to make sure a set of columns are always in view...
    07-SEP-07 Conditional Item Editing Example
    Maintaining focus on a cell, forcing editing on a cell, conditionally determining when you want to allow editing...
    21-AUG-07 Default DateField's
    When you want to default a pair of datefields to a range of dates
    20-AUG-07 Change the Tab Size in FlexBuilder
    To change the default number of spaces when you press the tab key
    03-JUL-07 Adding and Hiding GridRow's
    Using minimal ActionScript based on a Repeater
    28-JUN-07 Preventing enter or tab from moving onto the next cell
    Making your datagrid commit the current cell and maintain focus on that row
    14-JUN-07 Solving a JS Error when loading a Flex app inside an HTML form
    If you invoke your Flex app in a form tag you may encounter an undefined error
    01-MAR-07 Introduction Articles to Flex and Coldfusion
    An up-to-date list of CF+Flex jump start articles to help novice Flex users
    09-JAN-07 Programmatic Control of an Effect
    Using ActionScript to activate a repeating glowing effect
    17-OCT-06 Changing Background Gradient Color
    Using the ColorPicker Component to change the second gradient color
    29-AUG-06 Mass Deployment of the Flash 9 Player
    Overcoming scripting challenges to automatic Flash updates across the Enterprise
    23-AUG-06 The State of RIA Applications
    A series of commentary regarding Flex and the RIA Niche
    03-AUG-06 Make your Flex Dashboard an Active Desktop
    Using Active Desktop in Windows you can make your dashboards your background
    02-AUG-06 Use AS To Dynamically Add Chart Series to a Graph
    Programmatic Approach to adding series to a chart
    25-JUL-06 Flex Friendly Fonts
    A collection of fonts that work well in the Flash Player
    23-JUN-06 Working with Asynchronous Events
    Various Solutions to Various Problems in AS3/Flex 2
    15-JUN-06 Using the themeColor in Flex
    A quick way to change the cosmetic aspect of your app
    14-JUN-06 Using a Repeater over an Array of Strings
    A simple how-to example of using repeaters to loop over an array
    20-APR-06 Simple Flex 2 + Coldfusion Remoting Example
    A basic app that demonstrates sending data back and forth from/to CF 7
    28-FEB-06 Cairngorm 2 + Flex 2 + Flickr
    An example that utilizes the new Cairngorm framework
    23-FEB-06 Flex 2.0 & Cairngorm 2.0 sample : Cairngorm Clock
    A simple example utilizing Flex 2 and Cairngorm 2
    23-FEB-06 Layout Enhancements in Flex 2
    Center Canvas, Invisible Objects, and Absolute positioning...
    23-FEB-06 Using Flash 8 Professional to create 9 slice Flex 2 skins
    Skinning Framework support for 9-slice MovieClips
    23-FEB-06 MaxRestorePanel Class
    Add buttons to the panel class to be maximized or restored to normal
    23-FEB-06 Embedding HTML in a Flex application in AS3
    Utilizing the ExternalInterface features in Flex 2
    23-FEB-06 Programmatic Skinning with Flex 2
    The Drawing API allows you to create skins at runtime
    23-FEB-06 Updating DataService Manged Data with non-Flex Clients
    Leveraging Data Services of FES when data is updated via external processes
    23-FEB-06 MXML text completion control v. 0.5
    A type-ahead / auto-suggest input control
    10-FEB-06 CF7 + Mystic to Flex 2
    Finding the quickest way to send a query variable to Flex 2
    02-FEB-06 Phone Selector
    A Flex 2 + CF7 Same Application by Ben Forta
    11-JAN-06 Change an image dynamically
    How to chnage the mx:Image from one embedded image to another
    11-JAN-06 Debugging WebService calls w/TCP Monitor
    A cool tool that comes with jrun lets you monitor web service calls
    05-DEC-05 Flex2 PopUp Window Transparency
    In Flex2 the TitleWindow defaults to having a transparent title bar
    30-NOV-05 FlexBuilder2 Error regarding content of elements must consist...
    The cause of: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.
    10-NOV-05 Reverse yAxis in Flex2
    Putting your y axis upside down
    10-NOV-05 Using Actionscript to create multiple objects
    How to create on the order of 100+ objects and attach them to a container
    21-OCT-05 Controlling ViewStacks with MenuBar.
    Combining ViewStacks and the Menu Bar in Macromedia Flex
    23-SEP-05 Active Dashboard (Flex Style)
    Dashboard with various features powered by WebServices and SQL
    20-SEP-05 Dynamically Loading CSS at Runtime
    Changing or Loading in CSS Styles at Runtime
    16-SEP-05 Coldfusion & Flex: Integration
    How to integrate CFCs, Macromedia Flex, RemotectObjects, Etc...
    15-SEP-05 Flex & Video: Using a WebCam
    Two methods for instantiating video in your Flex Application.
    09-SEP-05 Extending Component results in parse element error
    If you extend a custom component make sure to refer to any subtags in the same namespace
    06-SEP-05 How to set the text color of a Tab or LinkBar
    Using a Style to change the text color of a Tab when selected
    01-SEP-05 Including Custom Components - Namespace Approaches
    Different ways to instantiate your custom Flex Components
    01-SEP-05 Flex getURL and JavaScript
    Popping up new windows and detecting if the parent is still alive and hasn't been closed by the user
    21-AUG-05 Image Manipulation
    R&D - Pure Image Manipulation in Macromedia Flex

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