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Conditional Item Editing Example

Sep 07, 2007 - Conditional Item Editing Example
Maintaining focus on a cell, forcing editing on a cell, conditionally determining when you want to allow editing...

The Situation:

You want to provide cell editing...
   - But ONLY on specific cells...
     - In this e.g: Only the Last Name is editable IF the Country is USA
   - AND ONLY for a particular situation...
     - In this e.g: Only those listed as a Friend is editable. 
   - AND want to force validation by keeping the user on the cell if validation fails
     - EXCEPT if it's a mouse click off the cell, just revert back to the previous value.   
     - In this e.g: You have to provide at least 3 chars. 
   - AND want to prevent the tab/enter key from moving from cell to cell after edit...just make enter commit the value.




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Created On Sep, 07, 2007 by Tariq Ahmed
Last Modified On Sep, 07, 2007 by Tariq Ahmed
Group: Tips and Articles
Flex Versions: 2.0
Category: Item Renderers/Editors
Type: Complete Lesson
Difficulty: Intermediate