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    Code Library (96)
      Name Posted By Released
    Artellis Reflection Component T.Ahmed 17 JUL 07
      Acts as a reflective surface, displaying live visual reflection
    eBay Flex Toolkit T.Ahmed 16 AUG 07
      Widgets, Modules, Components, and Flex API for eBay
    Third Party Flex API, Libraries, and Tools T.Ahmed 22 AUG 07
      A compilation of useful links
    FlexMDI T.Ahmed 12 SEP 07
      Multiple Document Interface Framework
    Flex Rating Component T.Ahmed 13 SEP 07
      A Skinnable x of y rating-o-meter
    Blogger Data AS3 API T.Ahmed 14 SEP 07
      Allows client apps to view and update Blogger content in the form of Google data API
    AS3 Spellchecking Library T.Ahmed 12 OCT 07
      Add Spell Checking to your Flex Applications
    LogView T.Ahmed 07 NOV 07
      Process, Interact, and Display large amount of Text
    HTML Component T.Ahmed 26 DEC 07
      Similar to AIR's HTMLComponent, but will run in a pure Flex App
    Scrolling Text Component T.Ahmed 31 DEC 07
      Scroll vertically or horizontally
    FlexTendibles T.Ahmed 07 FEB 08
      3rd party Flex Component. Including a SpellCheck Component.
    Facebook ActionScript API T.Ahmed 15 FEB 08
      An AS Lib for using ActionScript. Open Source.
    FlexReport T.Ahmed 25 FEB 08
      A Reporting / Printing Component for Flex
    Yahoo Maps ActionScript 3 API T.Ahmed 14 MAR 08
      Integrate Maps into your application
    StyledText T.Ahmed 01 JUL 08
      A CSS-able HTML text display component
    Flex Appointment Calendar Component T.Ahmed 16 JUL 08
      A robust and vendor supported calendar & appointment component
    Efflex T.Ahmed 28 OCT 08
      Designer Effects for Flex
    Degrafa T.Ahmed 22 DEC 08
      Declarative Drawing Format
    CF-Flex-User-Auth T.Ahmed 11 JAN 09
      A starter Flex to ColdFusion starter application
    FLEXICIOUS DataGrid T.Ahmed 02 DEC 09
      An extension to the ADOBE FLEX datagrid control
    Decision Matrix Tool w/source T.Ahmed 16 DEC 09
      Developed for the military
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