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Open Plug announces ELIPS Studio 3 for Adobe Flex Builder

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        Jul 16, 2010 - Open Plug announces ELIPS Studio 3 for Adobe Flex Builder
    Posted by Tariq Ahmed on 07/16/10 11:02PM

    Create your rich mobile applications in record time

    What is it?
    ELIPS Studio 3 is leading the next generation of mobile application development environments. Now software developers and creative designers can quickly develop connected or non-connected applications... and deploy them on multiple mobile platforms.

    ELIPS Studio 3 is equally valuable for experienced mobile application developers who want extra productivity, and for Adobe Flash / Flex and web developers who want to reuse their RIA / RDA assets and create rich mobile applications.

    What problems does it solve?
    Until now, application developers needed in-depth expertise in all the mobile operating systems if they wanted to address a global market of over 4 billion phone users. And not just every operating system: they also had to understand the differences between the individual models from each manufacturer.

    ELIPS Studio 3 cuts through the complexity of the fragmented mobile market by providing a single development toolkit for the world's most popular handsets. It includes a sophisticated simulator, and the code it generates is compact and rapid enough to run even on low-specification, mass-market handsets.

    How does it work?
    1- Develop in Adobe Flex/Flash Builder
    ELIPS Studio 3 is available as a plug-in for Adobe Flex / Flash Builder, a popular IDE for the development of RIAs and RDAs using the ActionScript and MXML languages.

    2- Use our mobile Flex Framework
    The product comes with a mobile-optimized version of the Flex Framework and a wide range of Flex extension libraries, including mobile device features and UI components. These provide additional capabilities beyond those found in the 'standard' Flex, such as making voice calls, accessing the phone's address book, sending SMS or MMS, taking snapshots or videos with the camera, and more. You can also import open source ActionScript Web 2.0 libraries.

    3- Build and deploy for the mobile platforms you want
    ELIPS Studio 3 automatically mobilizes and packages your Flex-based applications for industry-leading platforms, including iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, plus proprietary mass-market devices that run Real-Time operating systems (RTOS).
    And because Open-Plug has a long track record of creating optimized code for cellular handsets... you’ll get amazing performance with your new Mobile 2.0 applications!

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