May 24, 2011 - Adobe integrates SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Flash Builder 4.5
Posted by Tariq Ahmed on 05/24/11 08:36PM

To develop rich mobile and Web apps for the enterprise that leverage the power of SAP apps

Adobe Systems will integrate the SAP NetWeaver Gateway technology and its Flash Builder 4.5 to develop rich mobile and Web apps for the enterprise that leverage the power of SAP apps.

The new integration will allow developers to improve front-end experiences and extend SAP business and consumer processes, providing enterprise customers instant reach to critical business data across an array of devices and platforms, including Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS.

Adobe said that its Flash Builder 4.5 software is an Eclipse-based development tool for building expressive mobile, Web and desktop applications using ActionScript and the open source Flex framework.

The SAP NetWeaver Gateway, is an open, standards-based framework providing a simple way to interact with SAP apps through any environment or device enabling rapid development of a new class of applications using any development tool.

SAP technology and innovation platform senior vice-president Michael Reh said the company's customers are already realising the benefits of using Adobe Flash Builder and Flex to create rich applications for SAP systems.

"The integration of Flash Builder with SAP NetWeaver Gateway will extend the value of SAP offerings within our customer base by making it easier to create a new highly interactive use case with rich, high performance mobile and Web applications," Reh said.

Adobe developer tooling vice-president Ed Rowe said SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides a new level of openness to the core SAP application infrastructure.

"As we integrate Flash Builder with SAP NetWeaver Gateway, the power of the SAP platform is compleme